Removal of bubbles on the ink surface of the hotte

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Removal of bubbles on the ink surface of silk screen finished products

bubbles sometimes appear on the ink after printing. The main reasons for bubbles are as follows:

① substances such as dust and oil stains are attached to the surface of the substrate

② the ink itself has bubbles or uneven viscosity during printing

③ printing speed is too fast or uneven

the internal factors causing bubbles are: due to the high viscosity of the ink and the high surface tension of the ink, the air and oil in the ink are difficult to escape from the ink film and remain in the ink layer. If the viscosity of the ink is low and the surface tension of the ink is small, the bubbles will disappear by themselves, so there will be no bubbles in the ink of the printed matter

generally, the following measures can be taken to prevent bubbles in the ink layer:

① try to use hydrophobic soluble unstable friction agents

② when the ink itself produces bubbles, an appropriate amount of defoamer can be added to the ink. If the ink fluidity is poor, when the screen printing plate is lifted, the ink flow is relatively small, and the silk trace cannot be filled, so a smooth and flat ink layer on the surface cannot be obtained

① printing with more fluid ink

② consider printing with ink with slow drying speed. Increase the flow time of the ink to make the ink have a very optimistic development prospect and gradually solidify

③ try to use a single diameter wire with a smaller diameter when making plates

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