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Relying on scientific and technological innovation, Qingdao's west coast will be built into a comprehensive pilot area

in the future, Qingdao's West Coast new area will be built into a comprehensive pilot area integrating marine science and technology independent innovation pilot, far-reaching marine development guarantee, military civilian integration innovation demonstration, international cooperation in marine economy, and land and sea integrated development test. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the overall plan of Qingdao West Coast new area. According to the overall strategic positioning of the plan, in the future, Qingdao West Coast new area will be built into a comprehensive pilot area integrating independent innovation and navigation of marine science and technology, far-reaching marine development guarantee, military civilian integration innovation demonstration, international cooperation in marine economy, and land and sea integrated development test

by 2020, the new area plans to form a marine industrial system that can generate electricity at low temperature and ensure the best torque transmission. The manufacturing industry is developed and the modern service industry is prosperous. The regional GDP will strive to reach 500 billion yuan, the contribution rate of marine science and technology to the marine economy will reach more than 70%, and the marine GDP will increase by about 15% annually

build a modern marine industry system

in the future, the construction of the new area will focus on vigorously promoting independent innovation of marine science and technology and strengthening the marine basic scientific research platform. Through existing channels, we will support the implementation of the project of revitalizing the sea through science and technology, and create a marine application technology innovation system with enterprises as the main body. Focus on building research and development platforms for marine drugs, marine coatings, marine monitoring equipment, marine corrosion protection, etc., introduce engineering technology research and development platforms for equipment manufacturing, seawater utilization, marine energy utilization, etc., build scientific and technological innovation service platforms such as marine industry collaborative innovation center, and cultivate about 20 industrial technology innovation strategic alliances in new display, marine engineering and other fields. Focus on breaking through 20 core technologies in five major fields: marine engineering equipment, marine organisms, comprehensive utilization of seawater, marine renewable energy, and deep-sea mineral development

according to the development blueprint, the construction of the new area will be based on the modern marine industrial system. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, we should vigorously promote the development of three emerging industries: marine engineering equipment, marine biology, and new generation information technology, expand and develop three modern marine service industries: port shipping, marine cultural tourism, and sea related finance, and innovate the development of military civilian integration industries and modern marine fisheries

the plan particularly emphasizes the need to vigorously develop the offshore engineering equipment industry. It includes breaking through the key technologies of design and final assembly and manufacturing, and developing offshore engineering equipment and supporting industries such as deep-sea drilling platforms, floating production storage and unloading devices, auxiliary construction ships, etc. Strengthen the shipbuilding industry, focus on developing high-tech and high value-added products such as large oil tankers, large container ships, high-end yachts, special ships and key components, and make breakthroughs in the development of cruise manufacturing industry. We will strengthen the ability to develop and utilize marine resources, and develop deep-water drilling vessels, underwater production systems and auxiliary equipment, natural gas hydrate mining equipment, deep-sea mining systems, and large-capacity marine energy storage systems. We will improve the research and development capacity of deep-sea operating submarines and promote the genealogy, practicality and industrialization of deep, medium and shallow water and light, medium and heavy-duty underwater operating submarines. Cultivate complete sets of seawater desalination equipment, marine new energy equipment, large-scale petrochemical equipment, marine instrumentation and other industries. We will develop the automotive industry and the deep-processing industry of auto parts, special vehicles and high-end steel products that automatically store experimental results, and develop the general aviation industry

multi dimensional policy support

the plan clearly stipulates that in the future, the state will provide policy support in finance, taxation, finance, land and other aspects for the construction of the new area. Including accelerating the reform of the fiscal and tax system and investment and financing mechanism, and implementing the national unified fiscal and tax policy. Under the premise of controllable risks, we will actively and steadily study and explore the pilot projects of comprehensive operation in the financial industry, foreign exchange management and other financial reform and innovation

in terms of land, support the new area to carry out the comprehensive pilot of land management reform, carry out the pilot of construction land approval reform, and carry out the general plan of land use after the establishment of the land planning evaluation and modification system approved by the State Council. This is a new pilot of regular evaluation and timely modification of process planning, and the pilot plan will be implemented after being approved by the Ministry of land and resources. For the construction land in the new area, the planned indicators such as heat shrinkable film and stretch film, which usually have high requirements on the tensile properties of materials, shall be subject to differential management, and the construction shall be organized in strict accordance with the overall land use plan

in addition, the sea area policy is to build a sea area use right trading platform, gradually implement the sea area use right bidding, auction and listing system, and explore the establishment of a secondary market for sea area use. We will carry out pilot projects to comprehensively renovate the sea and coastal zones

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