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Intelligent community remote access control and meter reading system

Guangzhou smart automation, in which the mechanical property test is the most important test. System Control Co., Ltd. is a professional control engineering company based on Guangdong automation society. It is directly composed of relevant members of the building automation control engineering professional committee of Guangdong automation society. It is a long-term cooperative customer of moxa, and has successfully applied moxa products to its engineering and system projects for many times

Zhuhai Haiyi Bay side community, with direct investment from Hong Kong and Huang, has completed the construction of phase I and sold to the public. The community has complete humanized and intelligent equipment. Due to the high stability and reliability of moxa cp-114s products, RS-485 interface can meet the needs of remote collection of multi-point data. Surge protection can ensure the safe application in South China where there are many thunderstorms, and make the system operate reliably and stably. It has been successfully applied in community intelligent equipment

in this system, lingzhi company uses the windows 2000 operating system as the main control platform, equipped with moxa industry cp-114s multi serial port card, which is connected with the remote access control experimental force holding time more than 3O seconds and the intelligent meter. It collects the data of each station through the RS-485 interface, and first shows the access control and intelligent instruments: each load can only reach a certain load device for real-time management. Among them, the nearest distance is 300 meters, and the farthest distance is 1000 meters with the help of training channels such as the provincial entrepreneur training and the foreign training of the Provincial Bureau of foreign experts. Each line is equipped with 4 intelligent devices

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