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Removal of common faults in carton printing

most ink "> carton manufacturers have printing die-cutting slotting machines that integrate ink"> printing, slitting and indentation production functions. The equipment is simple and convenient to operate, with a relatively high degree of automation and easy quality control. It plays a certain role in the carton production process. However, if the equipment is aging and the machine is used and adjusted improperly, it is easy to have some faults during printing, Now we will analyze the common printing problems encountered in the production process

the printing position of the layout is inaccurate or unstable quality problems

1. The printing position is inaccurate due to the warping of the corrugated board

if the corrugated board has bad warping, it is easy to slip during the positioning and feeding of the board, and even the rules on the machine cannot touch the edge of the paper, The printing position of the paperboard is not correct. You can apply rat poison or self-adhesive on the cable or it is unstable. When printing the warped corrugated paperboard, try to use the relatively flat paper edge as the regular paper edge for positioning during paper feeding. The most important thing is to control the quality source. Through the reasonable control of the operation process of the single-sided machine, the speed of the machine and the preheating temperature, the moisture content of the base paper and the preheating area are in a relatively coordinated state; When distributing paper, pay attention to the matching mounting and forming of box board paper and corrugated paper with close moisture content. In this way, the corrugated board produced has relatively good flatness, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of printing position

even the shrinkage rate of the same material in different batches produced by one factory is different. 2. The printing position is inaccurate due to improper operation process.

if the plate loading position is incorrect, it is also easy to cause the inaccurate printing position of the plate. Because Nie Zuoren is full of confidence in the use of aluminum, when the corrugated board with warpage defects just enters the printing plate roller, if there is a small amount of slip, the supporting tip of the board will appear obvious deflection, so the corrugated board with chromatic layout should try to face the roller starting position load ± 500000 yards; The paper feeding positioning shall be carried out without dividing the internal and external positions, and the corresponding measures shall be determined according to this to repair. Only after the loosening of parts is eliminated can the accuracy of the corrugated board printing position be guaranteed

3. Inaccurate positioning caused by poor machine

when the chain, rules and other parts of the machine are loose, it is also easy to cause inaccurate printing position of the layout. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken to repair it. Only after the loosening of the parts is eliminated can the accuracy of the printing position of the corrugated board be guaranteed

some of the above frequently occurring quality problems in printing are caused by poor equipment, and some are caused by improper operation. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully maintain the equipment at ordinary times, and strictly require correct operating procedures, so as to effectively prevent or reduce the occurrence of poor quality problems and synchronously improve production efficiency and product quality

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