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With the development of cloud technology, most enterprises and institutions have successively developed and applied multiple business systems, such as OA, SNS, ERP, CRM, finance, etc. these business systems have played an important role in the work of various departments, achieved relatively obvious results, and won the general recognition of users. However, the current business subsystems lack unified planning, and their applications are relatively scattered and isolated. How to realize the interconnection of various systems and improve the efficiency of institutional operation, the cohesion of the interface is very small

in the unified communication system, you can easily form communication and information transmission with another. If you can quickly find them through the devices around them, or just look at your computer desktop to quickly know whether they are free or in a meeting, this is unified communication, which can help enterprises simplify those multi-channel communication methods that make them feel confused. Unified communication integrates e-mail, instant messaging, voice and data, To ensure that all systems and software can be used for calls

in the sunshine Internet unified communication system, you only need to use a single user interface on your PC, smart and tablet computers, so that you can quickly browse the status of your colleagues. Are they? What equipment do they use? And provide you with a variety of options to contact them. Just click a button and you can make a call or join an HD conference

unified communication brings many large and small benefits to today's enterprise organizations. It helps enterprises improve their business methods and create more production efficiency. What are the reasons for implementing the unified communication scheme

single sign on management application

users register a single sign on account in it, then bind an original account in the application system for each application system, and maintain these registration and binding information. The binding process requires the single sign on management application server to verify the original account and password of the application system provided by the user on the application system server. The application server provides this function support with the same web service interface

user single sign on process

I: users access the system on the other hand

II: if the application system checks that the user is not logged in on his own server, it will redirect the user request to the single sign on (single sign on) server. (redirection can be used to handle the cross domain situation of each server

III: single sign on (single sign on) the server checks that the user has single sign on (single sign on) (if the user does not have single sign on (single sign on), the user is required to log in, and the login flag is stored as a cookie of the client browser), and find the account bound by the user on the corresponding application system

IV: single sign on (after single sign on, it is widely used in all kinds of decoration and surface protection because of its excellent film-forming characteristics) the server generates a user authentication mark (ticket) according to the result of the third step, and redirects it back to the application system

V: the application system receives the user authentication mark (ticket) in a unified format, obtains the user's login account on the system, sets the user's status on the system as login, and returns to the page requested by the user

unified communication can better improve the communication and interaction among individuals, organizations and enterprises. This is because it integrates communication means on a single platform, which makes it easier to deploy, and enables decentralized teams to better respond to problems and maintain relationships. Now employees can work faster and more intelligently than ever before. By introducing the telework policy, you can also improve productivity. Research shows that the productivity of employees who are not in the office can be increased by 25% on average

sunuc unified communication enables employees to see the importance of real-time updating status, including images and location information. In the future, Nanjing Julong will become a top-notch domestic manufacturer of high-end new materials in the automotive and high-speed rail fields, as well as the update of contact information. You can contact others in the best way, and you can ensure that you can always get the right information from the right people at the right time, so as to improve productivity

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