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Sunshine Internet takes you to enjoy the 4G era of unified communication

since last year, China Mobile has started large-scale 4G network construction, 4G hair 2) according to the sample, holding the end shape card is the focus of attention in the IT industry at present. The significance of 4G startup lies in the upgrading of networks. Terminals and business forms will be changed. One part of these elements will be assembled into a larger structure. The improvement of speed will inevitably bring better user experience, which also means that it can bring good news to your office communication means

4g can make 5. Reverse the combination of business and network during the intermission of metallographic microscope work, so you can still access your office system when you are moving, and you can make voice calls as long as there is a place where the network can intervene. This will open up a new world for all kinds of unified communication and collaboration solutions that will dominate the future. As long as you are in the right range, you can use any kind of device to speak to anyone you want

sunuc communicates and cooperates in various ways, including mobile, PC, video conference, voice message, instant message and email. Microsoft Exchange enterprise mailbox ranks first in the world, and more than half of the top 500 enterprises are using it, which is trustworthy. Lync is a professional enterprise communication tool. Sunshine Internet sunshine connect is a product based on hosted lync 2013 technology, so that small and medium-sized enterprises with tight budgets can enjoy world-class unified communication services without investing in hardware platforms and operating and maintenance costs

sunuc unifies exchange and lync, integrates mail processing, file sharing, instant messaging and visual conferencing, meets the office needs of different types of enterprises, supports global employees, enables them to access important company information through any mobile device, cooperates with colleagues, and helps you complete tasks more easily and efficiently, Bring the best productivity and portable cloud services to all enterprises

with the help of 4G network, use sunuc to enjoy the new experience of mobile office

sunshine Internet, the most professional Internet basic service provider. Provide domain name registration, cloud server, self-service website building, virtual host, enterprise email, Microsoft Exchange, server rental and hosting, enterprise cloud office and other network products and services

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