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Sunshine Internet Exchange enterprise mailbox is fearless of "trap WiFi"

now as long as a sign with WiFi is hung outside the restaurant door, it can certainly attract a lot of business, and the attraction of free WiFi is evident. Especially when wandering burned out in 2014, it would be exciting to suddenly scan a free WiFi in public. But these free WiFi delivered to the door may be the trap used by criminals to steal your account and password and steal your personal privacy. In this era when the workplace is like a battlefield, the communication and contract signing of business cooperation are mostly carried out by email. If the competitors master the internal information, it is definitely a fatal blow! Tens of millions of orders may disappear

at this moment, the security of email has become extremely sensitive and important. Based on Microsoft Exchange server system, sunshine Internet Exchange enterprise mailbox (sunshine mail) ranks first in the global market share. More than 80% of the world's top 500 enterprises are using exchange enterprise mailbox. The main reasons why sunshine Internet Exchange enterprise mailbox (sunshine mail) is so trustworthy are:

1 SSL encryption is used throughout the access from client to server. SSL encryption technology is an encryption mechanism used by many well-known enterprises in the world to protect the security of sensitive data in the transmission process. Its full name is security socket layer, which constructs a secure channel between browser and web server for data transmission. HTTPS protocol uses SSL to encrypt the original data at the sender and then decrypt it at the receiver. Encryption and decryption require the sender and receiver to exchange common keys. Therefore, the transmitted data is not easy to be intercepted and decrypted by hackers, and the security of sunshine Internet Exchange Corporate mailbox (sunshine mail) is high

2. HTTPS encryption is mandatory for page access

https. Its full name is: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over secure socket layer. It is an HTTP channel with security as its goal and a secure SSL encrypted transmission protocol. Its main functions can be divided into two kinds: one is to establish an information security channel. The design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of the experimental machine draws lessons from the advanced technology of Shimadzu, Japan, to ensure the safety of the main body of the data transmission equipment locally transmitted by the highly adjustable support frame and task frame; The other is to confirm the authenticity of the station. For stations that use HTTPS, you can click the lock mark in the browser address bar to view the real information after station authentication, or you can query it through the security signature issued by the CA agency. For non guaranteed stations, access to web-based e-mail is not encrypted by SSL, and the e-mail can also be captured. So you need a highly secure sunny Internet Exchange Corporate mailbox (sunny mail)

3. TLS encryption is supported for sending and receiving between servers

when we encrypt the client, have we thought about whether the mail server also encrypts when sending mail? Sunshine Internet Exchange enterprise mailbox (yangguangyou) ensures the safety of users to the greatest extent. It is the only enterprise mailbox in China that supports TLS encryption between servers

after the mail is delivered from the client to the mail server, it will continue to be delivered to the next mail server. Limited by the SMTP protocol, this delivery is plaintext encoded. To further ensure the security of mail transmission, exchange sunshine mail provides management functions to improve the overall management of transport layer security (TLS)

tls is a standard protocol used to provide secure web communication on the Internet or intranet. It enables the client to authenticate the server, and also enables the server to authenticate the client. It also provides a secure channel by encrypting communications. TLS is the latest version of the secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol

exchange sunshine mail, TLS is enabled by default. In this way, any sending system can encrypt the inbound SMTP to exchange sunshine mail, which can only be put into use after passing strict tests. By default, exchange sunshine mail also attempts to implement TLS for all remote connections. As long as the next hop email server supports TLS encryption, the transmission between the two email servers will achieve secure encrypted transmission of email information

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