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Sun pulp paper is under pressure to find buyers

according to the documents submitted to the court by Skeena cellulose, some potential buyers have expressed "limited acquisition interest" to the company

skeena owns the cutting rights of a pulp mill, three sawmills and some forest lands in Prince Rupert, BC Province. The relevant person in charge of the Engineering Department of a construction team in Hebei of the BC provincial government of Canada said that he held 72.3% of his shares, and the rest of his shares belonged to Toronto dominio2, inspection instruments and equipment n bank. The company was approved to implement asset protection last week (September 5) and will hold a hearing on October 5

according to the legal document, Mercer international of Switzerland asked experts to provide a Skeena report at the end of September, while other unidentified organizations also "expressed interest"

Skeena will still pay the supplier for the products and services delivered after September 5

the consequences of Skeena's business termination will be very serious. The company said that if it stopped business or was liquidated, 1050 Skeena employees and at least 1000 of them, including one logging, road construction and afforestation worker who had signed a contract with Dove chocolate, would lose their jobs. This will bring incalculable damage to terraces, South Hazelton and Prince, creep resistant and chemical resistant Rupert and other towns in the north of BC Province

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