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Discussion on parallel technology of DC switching power supply

switching power supply has great advantages over linear power supply in the technical index of output voltage stability, and its output voltage stability can reach (0.5 ~ 1)% due to the characteristics of its own circuit structure (multi-level series connection). Switch operators can freely carry out other types of quality tests. As a power electronic integrated device, the power module should pay attention to the following points in the selection:

selection of output current

because the switching power supply has high efficiency, it can generally reach more than 80%, so in the selection of its output current, the maximum absorption current of electrical equipment should be accurately measured or calculated, so that the selected switching power supply has a high performance price ratio, Generally, the output calculation formula is:


, where: is the rated output current of high-power power supply

if maximum absorption current of electric equipment

k margin coefficient, generally take 1.5 ~ 1, and use the same ruler to smooth the surface of the test object at a nearly horizontal angle 8;

improve innovation ability

protection circuit

switching power supply must have protection functions such as overcurrent, overheating and short circuit in the design, so the switching power supply module with complete protection functions should be preferred in the design, and the technical parameters of its protection circuit should match the working characteristics of electrical equipment, so as to avoid damaging electrical equipment or switching power supply

several major indicators of the power supply

power p=ui is the output electricity, which is also the reason why Johnson Matthey has turned to cathode materials on a large scale. 1. The product of voltage and output current

input voltage is divided into AC input and DC input

the output voltage is generally DC output, but there are also AC output

working temperature

isolation voltage: isolation is the separation of output and input on the circuit. It has the following functions:

1 current conversion

2 in order to prevent mutual interference between input and output

3 the signal characteristics of input and output circuits are too different. For example, the package size of equipment that uses weak signal to control strong current has pins, patches, and screws

output includes single channel output, double channel output and multi-channel output. The power module is a power supply that can be directly mounted on the printed circuit board. Its feature is that it can provide power for application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), digital signal processors (DSP), microprocessors, memories, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and other digital or analog loads. Generally speaking, such modules are called point of load (POL) power supply system or point of use power supply system (pups). Due to the advantages of modular structure, power modules are widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, routers and other communication fields, as well as automotive electronics, aerospace and so on

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