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Suning's "Qingcheng plan" will expand the shared express box in 13 cities or promote it nationwide

on February 26, Suning's national rejuvenation Festival press conference announced the "Qingcheng plan", which will promote environmental protection packaging such as cold chain recycling boxes and zero glue cartons in 13 cities, and promote "shared express boxes" with 15 media to help ecological environmental protection

"Qingcheng plan" hopes to promote the establishment of direct delivery packaging between shared express boxes and b-end, create a closed-loop recycling system for the community, form a closer connection with users through express end contacts, and create a full scene solution for green packaging

a series of mature green logistics products can promote the sustainable development of e-commerce logistics and the green progress of cities. The recycled shared express box can solve the problem of using a large number of cartons and over packaging in e-commerce logistics to a great extent

2018 double 11, Suning logistics implemented the "Qingcheng plan" in Haikou, launched a large-scale application of shared express boxes and no medium paper orders, and also promoted the landing of shared express box recycling stations in Suning stores

this year's national rejuvenation Festival, Suning launched a shared express box, which has set a plan to complete the landing in 100 cities across the country by 2020

according to the data, the development of China's logistics industry has entered a stage of simultaneous improvement of quantity and quality. In 2018, the logistics industry received high attention from the country in terms of policies. "Strengthening green ideas and developing green ecological chain" was listed as one of the key development measures of the industry by the country in this way, which clearly mentioned promoting the use of new energy logistics vehicles

Hou Enlong, President of Suning Tesco, revealed at the above-mentioned press conference: "Suning will put 10000 vehicles into operation in the next three years. If it is necessary to debug a new energy vehicle with 5-gear a as the line width or 6-gear, it will practice green transportation."

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