The hottest sunonmaglevacfan built quasi Maglev

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Sunon maglev AC fan built quasi maglev AC fan

sunon maglev AC fan built quasi maglev AC fan

revolutionary maglev experience of AC fan ~ low power consumption, high wind capacity, multi-function

the world's well-known leading heat dissipation manufacturer built quasi motor, and launched maglev AC fan (maglev AC fan) with maglev design for the first time in response to the current market demand, It not only inherits the excellence of the maglev motor fan in accelerating the construction of an industry wide innovation system with enterprises as the main body, low noise, high temperature resistance and long life, but also doubles the air volume and halves the energy consumption. It is the best solution in the field of AC cooling demand, and has attracted the attention of the market as soon as it is launched

in the past, if the client only had AC power supply and high air volume and high wind pressure demand, and there was no such product in the accelerator Market for shotcrete, the customer had to change the original design. Now, the customer has to build a quasi maglev motor AC fan, which not only allows the customer to experience the excellent performance of the maglev motor fan, but also directly uses AC power supply, which can fully meet the needs of this block market

the speed of the traditional AC fan is limited by the bottleneck of the coil winding process. The main body of the motor is larger than that of the DC motor, and the fan leaf area becomes smaller. Therefore, the performance of the DC model in air volume and pressure is not as good as that of the DC model. In addition, generally, the production yield of AC fans can not be improved, and the noise value and power consumption are very high, which is quite inconsistent with the concept of environmental protection. AC fans input with AC power supply can not provide the function of speed output signal to detect abnormal operation

considering the above industrial bottlenecks, jianzhun has developed a magnetic levitation motor AC fan specifically for market demand. This is the first time that AC fan has been introduced into the design of magnetic levitation motor. It not only inherits the advantages of low noise, high temperature resistance and long life of magnetic levitation motor fan, but also has excellent performance beyond ordinary AC fan, such as lower power consumption, higher air volume and intelligent multi-function control design. Air volume doubling Lower power consumption because the design of the motor winding fixture is also an improvement in the way of a difficult group, the AC fan of the magnetic levitation motor has three innovative breakthroughs: motor reduction, torque improvement and fan blade growth. The air volume is not only twice that of the traditional model, but also its special frequency conversion circuit control can improve work efficiency and reduce power consumption. The power consumption is reduced by more than half compared with the traditional model, which fully conforms to the environmental protection trend of low power consumption

intelligent multi-function control design can be provided according to customers' needs. In order to meet the industrial design trend and customers' needs, the quasi maglev motor AC fan not only provides the function of monitoring or detecting fan speed, but also introduces temperature recovery protection control into the product, which can ensure that the product has a higher life guarantee

at this stage, the AC fan of the quasi maglev motor is provided with a 7~9cm size model. With the revolutionary maglev design, it breaks through the technical bottleneck of the AC fan, and provides the ultimate efficiency of the control design in the use and ecological design of plastic packaging materials with lower power consumption, higher air volume and intelligent multi-function. It is the best heat dissipation solution for the current AC fan demanders


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