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Sunny Hengping introduces fully automatic process gas mass spectrometry

recently, Shanghai Sunny Hengping Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. launched a self-developed fully automatic process gas mass spectrometer shp8400 PMS. This is the first industrialized wide pressure range sampling process gas mass spectrometer in China, marking a big step in the development and production of mass spectrometer in China. This product mainly provides real-time analysis data for many production processes such as biopharmaceutical, petrochemical, steel smelting, vacuum/refrigerant leak detection, etc., so as to optimize the production process and improve production efficiency; At the same time, it can dynamically and quickly analyze water pollution and air pollution in environmental monitoring

shp8400 PMS (mass spectrometer for the reduction of atomic density near the amorphous surface of the process) system includes a gas processing device, a multi-channel sampling device, a mass spectrometer, and a full Chinese process gas analysis software to inspect the changes in the metallographic microstructure of the friction surface before and after wear. With rich human resources in the design, production, commissioning and other aspects of mass spectrometer and years of experience accumulated in the analytical instrument manufacturing industry, this instrument is completely from the perspective of customers. Both hardware and software fully consider the specific needs of analysis, and provide customized services. The multi-channel gas processing device has the functions of dust removal, dehumidification, pressure control and temperature control on the basis of ensuring the authenticity and fast transmission of sample gas, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the long-term operation of the analysis system. The test report provided by the authoritative testing organization shows that the resolution, detection limit, sensitivity and other performance indicators of shp8400 PMS can fully meet the rigorous requirements of analysis if they are caused by transportation

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