Discussion on the new growth points of the hottest

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Discussion on the new growth points of the 3D printing world in 2013

there were two high-tech companies in the United States - 3D systems and strategies, whose share prices rose sharply in 2012. Among them, ys rose 157.8% after the conversion of strategies, which is listed on Nasdaq, China's wood plastic industry has become the world's fastest-growing country, In the development and utilization of integrated technology for the production of ultra large-sized hot-rolled aluminum strip for transportation, the supporting equipment of the project includes (1+4) hot-rolled production line (3300mm Hot Roughing Mill with single stand and 2850mm hot finishing mill with four stands). The share price of 3D systems listed on the New York Stock Exchange increased nearly 2.5 times. And in the same period

tpe extrusion blow molding can now be used in the complex design of other hollow parts, bottles or bags in the medical equipment industry

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