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Application of sunix4066r in Shijiazhuang expressway toll station

expressway toll station plays a vital role in huge road traffic. We often encounter such a situation: traffic jam caused by the slow processing speed of highway toll stations. How to make the signal system of highway toll station smart and able to process information and think in time? If we can quickly deal with the charging affairs, and timely monitor, reflect and deal with them, it will greatly reduce the traffic jam caused by this and improve the work efficiency of the toll station

Hebei Far East Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the research and development of expressway information control software and system integration. At present, they have taken over an important project: the improvement of Shijiazhuang airport expressway information charging and monitoring system. The project requires to provide a fast and effective system solution for the toll station, and integrate various equipment of the toll station (such as ceiling lights, alarm lights, railings, coils, etc.), so as to achieve real-time and efficient information exchange between management facilities, and more efficient control of the execution system by the control center

therefore, the project needs to use a high-quality and stable serial communication control equipment to connect the control center with various equipment (such as the infiltration of the improved matrix on the filler: ceiling lamp, alarm lamp, railing, coil, etc.). Moreover, this serial communication control equipment must have the ability to transmit a large amount of data quickly and have super stability. In terms of the number of connected devices, the operating system and the working environment of the devices, the 4066r of SUNIX company can just meet this demand. The specific application mode is as follows:

the SUNIX 4066r general PCI multi serial port card can support 8 independent RS-232 serial ports to meet the needs of customers for different applications, such as industrial control, commercial control and industrial automation application systems, providing a reliable and high-performance solution for multi serial port communication The 4066r supports 32/64 bit 3.3/5v PCI bus slot. It can be installed in any PC system and supports the current mainstream operating system All settings can be completed by software, without switches and jumpers, and there is no need to adjust the i/o address and IRQ interrupt number 4066r general PCI multi serial port card has eight independent RS-232 serial ports, and the transmission rate of each serial port can reach 921.6kb at most, but it is only PS adjusted according to the requirements of customers and the high space for the installation of experimental accessories. SUNIX's own brand chip has built-in hardware automatic flow control to ensure the integrity of data transmission Super large 128kfifo improves system efficiency The hardware of the full series of RS-232 communication control products has passed fcc/ce certification, and the driving software has passed Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Mark Certification. It provides system integrators or end users with three high advantages of high quality, high compatibility and high performance, and becomes the best solution for industrial control/industrial automation

attachment: SUNIX 4066r product features

General PCI specification

support 32/64 bit 3.3/5v PCI slot

Industrial stability/reliability design

serial port transmission rate up to 921.6kbps

128K FIFO super buffer, improve system performance, the two are interdependent

sun1889 high-performance smart chip, superior performance, ensure complete data transmission

plug and play, I/o address and IRQ are assigned by BIOS

rs-232 multi serial communication card series have passed WHQL, CE, FCC certification

support Microsoft Windows 3 x. 9x, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, DOS, and L are more convenient to use and protect; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted inux

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