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"Sunrise in the East, Thanksgiving in July" Gala went into Sany workshop

"day 2 is to lead the scientific and technological innovation of the industry. It goes into Sany Workshop - Hunan enterprise employees present gifts to the party

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Guide: 20:00 on June 28 conference schedule:, sunrise in the East, organized by SANY group, Valin Group, Xiangmei group and other large enterprises in Hunan Province In July, the Thanksgiving to the party Gala was held in Sany industrial city, with 15 wonderful programs for more than 1000 enterprise employees to enjoy a cultural feast. Xiang Wen, Secretary of the Party committee of Sany group

at 20:00 on June 28, the "sunrise in the East, Thanksgiving in July" tribute party organized by SANY group, Valin Group, Xiangmei group and other large enterprises in Hunan Province was held in Sany industrial city. 15 wonderful programs let more than 1000 enterprise employees enjoy a cultural feast. Party secretary of Sany group Xiang Wenbo and relevant leaders of the Provincial Federation of trade unions issued honorary certificates to the award-winning units

on the same day, the party kicked off in the song and dance of "No Communist Party, no new China". The whole evening party, in the form of song and dance, sitcom, chorus and so on, deeply reviewed the glorious history of the party and enthusiastically eulogized the great achievements of the party

Liang Wengen and other leaders present sang "no new China without the Communist Party" together with all the staff.

the performance was wonderful: Hunan coal industry group's "defending the Yellow River" was magnificent and impassioned, bringing the audience into the difficult years of the war of resistance against Japan; The dance of Hunan Branch of Bank of communications, "when the mountain flowers are romantic", shows the broad feelings of Mao Zedong, a great man of a generation, and his indomitable spirit urges people to forge ahead; The red classic opera ensemble of Changsha mine Research Institute was sonorous and powerful, and the performers either scowled or frowned, which attracted the audience's acclaim

Sany group's Chorus "my motherland" and "Long March · seven laws" came to the stage at the end. Its majestic melody, gorgeous and dignified dress, and magnificent singing won bursts of applause, and finally "overwhelmed the crowd" and won the first prize. (if different raw materials are used for mold trial and production, different results are likely to be obtained.) Wuling power, Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power, Valin steel and Hyundai Investment Company also won the first prize. Xiang Wenbo and other leaders awarded honorary certificates to the first prize winners

he Zhenlin, vice president of Sany group and the first deputy secretary of the Party committee, told, "It is the honor of the company that the Hunan Provincial Federation of trade unions held the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party in a large private enterprise such as Sany. This grand event can be performed in Sany plant, which fully reflects the strength of the group. Today, we are here to celebrate the party and the socialist motherland with passion. This significance is not comparable to that of ordinary stages and theatres. This is the praise of the whole Hunan working class to the party, but also the praise of the Sany working class to the party Love and eulogy for the party. "

it is understood that this party is the end of a series of activities to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, "sunrise in the East, Thanksgiving in July". The first two chapters are "wonderful masters" and "sing a red song to the party"

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