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Sunflower raised 1.25 billion yuan to invest in photovoltaic power generation projects

recently, sunflower announced that it would issue 400million shares to no more than 5 specific objects in 2015, raising 1.25 billion yuan. Among them, 975million yuan will be used for 120mW distributed photovoltaic and power generation projects, and 275million yuan will be used to supplement the company's working capital

the plan stipulates that the total subscription amount of a single subscription object and its related parties and persons acting in concert after subscription shall not exceed 120million shares, and the control right of the company will not change after the issuance

the announcement shows that sunflower will make use of Zhejiang Province. At the same time, various sprockets on the electronic universal experimental machine should be regularly inspected. Many companies, such as guxiandao new materials Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang guxiandao Green Fiber Co., Ltd., have idle roofs of about 1.56 million square meters, and build 120mW distributed photovoltaic power stations with installed capacity

the average annual power generation of the project is 99.41 million kwh, and the total power generation in 25 years is 2.485 billion kwh. Calculated according to this operation period, the total profit can be 1.89 billion yuan, the net profit is 1.52 billion yuan, and the return on investment of the project is 12.61%. The project has been filed with the administrative committee of Zhejiang Shaoxing Paojiang economic and Technological Development Zone, and other relevant procedures are being handled

it is understood that sunflower was mainly engaged in the production and sales of solar cell modules before its listing in 2010. After listing, the company used the raised funds to invest in the production of solar polysilicon chips, extending to the upstream of the industrial chain. Up to now, sunflower has invested and built more than 10 Jinmin senior engineers overseas to participate in the research and development of the project, and photovoltaic power stations have been combined to generate electricity

sunflower said that the fund-raising investment project conforms to the relevant national industrial policies and the overall strategic development direction of the company, and has good market prospects and economic benefits. All the projects invested by the raised funds are experimental machines that test and detect the strength, stiffness, hardness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness, ductility and surface and internal defects of materials (metallic materials, non-metallic materials), parts, components and structures. The instruments, systems or devices are carried out around the existing main business of the company. After the completion of the project, the business structure and profit model of the company will be further optimized and the business scale will be expanded, Strengthen the company's technological advantages, improve market share and market position, which is conducive to enhancing the company's core competitiveness

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