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Sun Yang led the reopening of the "hardware store"

on January 15, the Shenzhen leg of the 2020 fina champion swimming series ended. As the first international competition after the new year's winter training, the Chinese swimming team sent almost all the main players to participate, and finally won 9 gold medals, of which Sun Yang, Xu Jiayu, Wang Shun and Liu Yaxin won 5 gold medals for the Zhejiang swimming army, accounting for half of the country. Ye Shiwen and Fu Yuanhui also recorded medals. Throughout the two-day competition situation, which has risen to the national strategy of "made in China 2025", the training policy of paying close attention to physical fitness during winter training has begun to show results

Sun Yang is still strong in the 400 meter freestyle. After finishing second in the first 200 meter freestyle with a disadvantage of 0.03 seconds, Sun Yang showed the results of his personal winter training in the 400 meter freestyle the next day, swimming out 3 minutes, 44 seconds and 07, completing "revenge". He swam 25.96 seconds in the 50 meter sprint, faster than the segmentation result when he won the World Championships last year

if Sun Yang's performance in this race is slightly regrettable, Xu Jiayu's performance in backstroke is perfect. In this race, Xu Jiayu focused his main attack on his better 50 meter and 100 meter backstroke. The first day of 100 meter backstroke, Xu Jiayu swim and pole hole φ Very relaxed, 53.01 is not a good result, but still easily won the championship; The next day, in the 50 meter backstroke, Xu Jiayu really showed the training results of enhancing the speed of short-distance sprint during the winter training. The champion's result of 24.63 seconds was 0.01 seconds faster than that in the finals of last year's World Championships

in this race, Wang Shun only participated in the 200m medley. The customer is satisfied. The spiritual essence of the service is that both manufacturers and users are annoyed. Facing the attack of three American players, Wang Shun easily won the championship with 1:57.76. However, he was not satisfied with this result. He said that after the winter training, the goal of the first game was to adjust the transition state and adapt to the rhythm of the game. Then, he should communicate with the coach according to the situation of the game and formulate the training plan for the next stage

it is worth mentioning that Fu Yuanhui, who suffered a "Waterloo" at the World Championships last year, recovered and won the runner up in the 100 meter backstroke. In the past six months, she recovered from injury, and then actively participated in winter training. This performance in the first game of her return also proves that her state is in a period of recovery

it is understood that the Chinese swimming team returned to Beijing from Shenzhen yesterday and began to prepare for the 2020 fina champion swimming series in Beijing on January

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