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Xiaolan enterprise participated in the formulation of the national standard for adhesive tapes

recently, the "pressure sensitive adhesive products branch of the national adhesive Standards Committee - working seminar on method standards" was held in Xiaolan Town. A Xiaolan adhesive tape manufacturer will participate in the drafting of the new national standard for adhesive tapes

it is reported that the EU standard of adhesive tape will be upgraded to an international standard, which is widely used in aircraft, automobiles, household appliances, tools, it, lighting, sports and other industries, and the purpose of the meeting is to transform the new international method standard into a national standard Advanced molding technology related machinery and equipment, energy-saving new process standards, so that the national standards that have been formulated for many years tend to be aging are in line with international standards, which is important for enterprises in technical exchanges, promoting foreign trade and 2. Non metallic material testing machines: 1. Generally, it requires high-precision measuring equipment and instruments such as tensile machines and Tensile testers with less than 1t force; Improving the corporate image will have a great impact

the four technical standards discussed in this discussion are the measurement method of adhesive tape thickness, the measurement of adhesive strength, the measurement of tensile strength and elongation, and the measurement of peel strength. Among them, the technical standard "the measurement of tensile strength and elongation of adhesive tapes without chemical additives" is drafted by an adhesive tape manufacturer. It is understood that the drafting of the new national standard for adhesive tape will be completed this year, and it is expected that there will be a two-year transition period after the national approval

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