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Xiaoling help partners win the bid for Chengde 12319 call center project

12319 convenience service complaint acceptance center is a window unit for Chengde housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau to accept suggestions, consultations and complaints from the masses. It accepts the problems reflected by the masses in the urban construction industry, real estate industry, scenic spot management, heating, gas, municipal maintenance and other public utilities in the downtown area, and shoulders important responsibilities and missions. Due to the nature of the work, the original 12319 system in Chengde city has been operating continuously for a long time, and the equipment is seriously aging and has frequent failures, which has been unable to maintain the daily work needs. It is urgent to transform and upgrade other existing systems. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal work of 12319 and provide a convenient housing construction system service platform for the masses, Chengde urban rural and Housing Construction Bureau attaches great importance to the service work. Through the competitive negotiation of Chengde Municipal Government Procurement Center and multi-party comparison, it decided to adopt the integrated solution of xiaolinghuhu center system provided by xiaolinghu partners. The Xiaoling call center system takes communication as the core, makes full use of the data processing and storage capacity of the computer, and integrates various communication modes to build a service complaint acceptance platform of Chengde housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, so as to provide fast services for the people of the city. The small smart call system adopts CTI technology to build the callcenter system platform through computer network technology. It has IVR automatic voice service, ACD traffic distribution service, self-service voice processing service, user information management, call recording, duration statistics and other functions. The system is built on an open system platform, provides open development interfaces, and can quickly connect with other information and service systems. At the same time, fully consider the future development trend of the project, reserve enough space for expansion, and have a full Chinese, graphical and interactive operation interface. The software and hardware system of xiaolinghu system fully meet the following requirements: the standardized design system adopts standardized design, the software and hardware meet the relevant technical standards and specifications, the unified secondary development interface, the standardized business application system, and the perfect customer management ensure the security of the future user business expansion system. In order to ensure the safety of users, the internal dedicated network deployment is adopted, and the security access strategy is set, Prevent unauthorized access to and control over the system. System reliability, stability, original call center system dual engine technology, load balancing, system components meet the reliability requirements of 7*24-hour uninterrupted operation, the common choice of thousands of different industries in China, the crystallization system of technological innovation and business practice, highly integrated professional call center development platform LQ suite, Secondary Development Kit SDK, middleware, easy to integrate and dock with peripheral crm/erp systems. The Xiaoling call center system mainly provides the following functional and technical requirements for 12319:

I. IVR system functions IVR should have the following functions:

1. The Xiaoling call IVR system has high stability

2. Provide visual business process preparation tools, which can adjust or reset automatic business processes at any time

3. Support multi-level voice menu function. Users can press different keys to enter the corresponding service process, such as press 1 to enter consulting service, press 2 to enter complaint service, and press 3 to enter self-service voice service

4. Support various forms of outbound call tasks, and can provide voice notification services

5. Support multiple conversions of automatic voice and manual processing

6. Support voice mailbox function

II. ACD function basic requirements of ACD routing strategy:

1. Support centralized and unified routing management, and different routes can be set

2. Skill agent routing; After obtaining the customer information, customer service request information and other information, you can assign appropriate seat personnel to the customer service request according to the skill information of the seat, without having to make multiple transfers, causing customer trouble

3. Direct agent call routing: transfer the customer to the designated agent according to the customer information or the customer's requirements

4. Call routing can be allocated according to the customer level, and those with high customer level have priority to access; That is, rotate the small screw on the eccentric to move the slider

5. ACD supports the queuing function

6. Support sequential transfer of incoming calls, average distribution of traffic, blacklist setting, transfer incoming calls to external

3. Recording system

1. Record local seats

2. Set recording startup rules: set to turn recording on or off as needed

3. The recording capacity can meet the whole process recording requirements of the seats, and the storage capacity of the recording is expandable

4. Recording method: call recording, whole process recording, no recording

5. It can realize the flexible retrieval function of recording pipeline files

6. Listen to the recording file: listen to the voice 700mm directly for the selected record

IV. agent function the main functions of the basic type of agent are as follows:

1. Login/checkout (login or exit): login means logging in to the agent, and the agent representative officially starts working to accept customers

2. Show busy/show idle: the busy agent temporarily does not receive customer calls, and the system will automatically assign calls to other agents. The idle agent can normally answer customer calls. The manager can see the busy and idle status of the agent in the monitoring management, and can count the time length of the agent

3. Incoming calls can be transferred and scrambled internally: transfer refers to the ability to transfer incoming calls to other agent services; Scramble refers to the ability to pick up calls that are inconvenient or not answered by other seats

4. The agent can click or enter the number through the software or phone, or manually press the external line number on the phone to automatically call out

the main functions of the enhanced agent are as follows: 1. Automatic job number: before connecting the call, the agent's job number is automatically broadcast, such as 801 job number to serve you. 2. Call hold and call recovery: agent a is in the process of talking with the customer, If agent a wants to temporarily pause the call with the customer (for example, to seek the help of the monitor agent), he can play the waiting music to the customer at this time, and then resume the call with the customer through the call after agent a returns

3. Forced insertion: agent a forcibly joins another agent B's call with the customer, and the speech of the joined agent will be heard by all

4. Forced demolition: agent a forcibly interrupts the call between another agent B and the customer

5. Monitor: agent a monitors the conversation between another agent B and the customer, and the listener cannot hear the listener's voice

v. business system requirements

1. Business acceptance (incoming call pop-up screen)

when the incoming call arrives, it will automatically match the user information and pop up the corresponding customer information and all historical business acceptance. Provide information for agents to record relevant business requests

2. Business acceptance

after business acceptance, the seat staff can assign the work order to the relevant technicians as needed. After the technicians finish processing, they fill in the processing results into the system and close the work order

3. User management

has a powerful customer data management function. All the attributes that customers care about are formulated according to the type and characteristics of users. The company information, contact information, call records and historical service records of the customer are displayed in detail in the user information

4. Acceptance classification management

acceptance work order classification mainly lists the types of services that can be provided to users from the perspective of users. Allow users to customize the work order classification of business acceptance

5. Query statistics

combined condition query of system related work order information and statistical analysis according to different statistical types of users. Powerful knowledge base management function: what happened when the knowledge base was used by users and the torsion fatigue testing machine did not reflect? Training, service methods, unit rules and regulations, etc. provide strong information reserves for users to review and use at any time, provide users with standardized and personalized services, provide strong support

Perfect secondary development interface

Xiaoling call center system, provide powerful and perfect standardized development interface, cover all basic functions of the call center, and realize seamless connection, It can provide powerful power support for users' subsequent application expansion, docking with third-party business systems, and information sharing. Xiaolinghu is a professional provider of CTI call center products and solutions, with the core technology of the industry-leading call center platform. After years of development, Xiaoling call system has been used in many industries in China, and it runs well, providing power and source for the development of enterprises and units

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