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Xiaomi announced the realization of full scene coverage of intelligent lighting

as Xiaomi's ecological chain products become more and more abundant, the playing methods of intelligent scenes have become more and more diverse. From September 4 to September 9, Xiaomi will carry out a week-long theme activity of Xiaomi intelligent lighting festival with the theme of "light energy transforming home" for the intelligent lighting scene. During the event, light products will have four second kill activities at 0:00, 10:00, 14:00 and 20:00 every day, and enjoy a special price of 1 yuan/half price. At the same time, there are also smart linkage packages suitable for office eye protection, cinema atmosphere, opening doors and lights and other scenes

on the other hand, Xiaomi family also announced during this event that it has achieved full scene coverage of intelligent lighting, and its product line can meet the needs of a variety of different scenes of home intelligent lighting. At present, xiaomijia's smart lights include atmosphere lights, table lights, ceiling lights, basic bulb products and other product lines, which enable each user to create their own personalized smart lighting space

so far, xiaomijia intelligent lamp series has made many outstanding achievements. Both in terms of design quality and sales volume, it has been recognized by the industry and consumers, and has in-depth cooperation with many benchmark brands in the industry

according to the official introduction of Xiaomi, the company's technological innovation and product utilization in the field of automotive materials were introduced in detail. The Mijia table lamp and the upgraded Mijia table lamp 1s launched in May 2017 won three major international design awards, including the if Design Gold Award, the Japanese excellent design award and the German red dot award. They also ranked first in the turnover of intelligent lighting categories of e-commerce platforms such as and tmall for a long time. Mijia table lamp pro and Mijia bedside lamp 2 also won if design award or German Red Dot Design Award and other awards for their excellent design. Among the new lamp products released in 2019, recently, the number of crowdfunding of Mijia night lamp 2 has exceeded 100000 in just 2 hours and 19 minutes, and has exceeded 300000 in 5 days, which has been sought after by fans. Others, such as Micah charging desk lamp and Micah Philips reading and writing desk lamp, have been highly praised by virtue of their product strength and the intelligent linkage use scenario of 14 and anchor bolts

in addition, xiaomijia smart light products have also reached cooperation with many industry benchmarks. Among them, Mijia Philips brand is the only partner of Philips in the field of intelligent lighting. The brand launched the world's first intelligent linkage night light - Mijia Philips Bluetooth night light. During this event, Mijia Philips also launched a color bulb, which can not only adjust the light intensity and color at any time, but also match with the intelligent linkage of multiple scenes, such as setting up bulb groups and allowing multiple bulbs. The all vanadium flow battery technology will bring major changes in the design, planning, scheduling, control and other aspects of renewable energy systems and the simultaneous control of ceiling lights

in terms of atmosphere lighting, when chasing dramas at home on weekends, you can use Mi's bedside lamp 2 with Xiaoai speaker or Xiaoai intelligent alarm clock. The voice turns on the theater mode, the curtains automatically close, and the bedside lamp lights up slightly, setting off the movie atmosphere. If it is matched with candle lights and colored light bulbs, it can also be used in the bedroom in front of the bed, family gatherings, proposal sites and other scenes

in terms of reading, writing and lighting, the desk lamp series with human body sensors is particularly suitable for home office scenes. At the same time, it can also use Xiaoai's voice to adjust the light, switch to the computer mode of reducing blue light, and adjust the light to the best state required by work by moving your mouth

according to the core lighting needs of families, ceiling lights, downlights and other devices are linked with wireless switches and other intelligent devices, which can make the use of light sources more convenient and intelligent. For example, let the ceiling light in the home link the smart door lock. When you return home to open the door after work and study, you can automatically light up when you open the door, without groping for the switch in the dark

the effective stroke of the lamp and the tensile machine needs to be 480 ~ 690mm to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. MioT ecology has realized the full scene coverage of intelligent lighting. In terms of atmosphere lighting, reading and writing lighting, home core lighting and basic lighting, it provides users with mature and easy-to-operate options. Moreover, in terms of IOT, many lamp products of Micah have also realized a variety of connection control methods, including apple homekit, Google assistant and so on, in addition to Micah app and Xiaoai speaker

Xiaomi said that smart lighting is an important segment of smart home. The purpose of Xiaomi's smart lighting Festival is to guide users to better form matching schemes by combining products and help users improve their quality of life

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