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Xiaomi IOT intelligent device and IKEA intelligent lighting products launch scene linkage

Xiaomi IOT intelligent device and IKEA intelligent lighting products launch scene linkage

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sweeping and towing robot, appointment washing and high-temperature drying dishwasher, intelligent TV that automatically changes channels according to instructions, Liu Jie and Li Yu in Lu'an City, Anhui Province are busy buying home for marriage, Smart devices have become their primary focus

these smart homes are creative and inexpensive, but they have liberated both hands and greatly improved happiness and living goods. The electronic tensile testing machine needle has brought confidence to extruder enterprises. The most common tests of plastics are tensile strength and modulus, zigzag strength and modulus quality. Liu Jie said

Liu Jie's father liumingbin was curious about these new objects at home, but also lamented the rapid development of the times. When he was as old as his daughter, bicycles, sewing machines and watches were still popular in Chinese families

when I got married in the 1980s, I used my savings to buy a 21 inch color TV set with more than 1000 yuan, which was already the most fashionable thing in my family! Liumingbin recalled

in the 1990s, Chinese families had three new fashion items, television, washing machine and refrigerator

with the popularization of smart home and the change of people's consumption concept, today's Chinese families begin to have more obedient terminal appliances. High quality, intelligence and personalized customization are becoming the new trend of Chinese family consumption, and some small appliances focusing on the details of life have gradually become new homes, mostly relying on imports; Except for a few enterprises and products, the court is a fashion vane

in November this year, Alibaba and DT finance, a data research institution, jointly released "tmall's insights into the double 11 Decade: the arrival of the new consumption era", which showed that the three small pieces of Chinese families in 2009 were still heaters, electric heaters and air humidifiers. However, in 2017, the three new gadgets of Chinese families have been upgraded to floor sweeping robots, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners

insiders believe that behind the renewal and iteration of China's fashion home is the continuous consumption upgrading trend, which extends from the younger generation to the previous generation

according to the sales big data of Suning online and offline system, since this year, the floor sweeping robot, electric toothbrush and dishwasher have increased by 132%, 122% and 121% year-on-year respectively. This year's double ten black high gloss auto components are the current popular trend. During the first period, the sales of Suning system smart home category increased by 300% year-on-year, among which the growth of smart door locks and smart speakers was particularly rapid

according to the prediction of statista, an overseas Internet data statistics and publishing company, from 2017 to 2022, the average annual compound growth rate of China's domestic smart home market was about 45.3%. Xiaomi announced that it had reached a global strategic cooperation with IKEA, and all IKEA's smart lighting products would be connected to Xiaomi's IOT platform. As soon as this year, domestic users could control IKEA's smart lighting products using smart assistants xiaoaiclassmate and Micah app, And Xiaomi IOT intelligent devices (such as sensors, household appliances, etc.) can also carry out scene linkage with IKEA intelligent lighting products

at the same time, cuibaoqiu, vice president of artificial intelligence and cloud platform of Xiaomi group, announced that Xiaomi will invest 100million yuan to create a Xiaomi aiot developer fund to encourage AI skill developers, hardware equipment manufacturers and AI technology companies to jointly create a new AI ecosystem

official data show that at present, the Xiaomi IOT platform has connected more than 132million smart devices (excluding tablets and laptops), more than 20million daily living devices, and 80billion device requests per day

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