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Xiaomi TV will challenge the shipment volume of 10million units in 2019. How can friends accept it

after LETV fell, Xiaomi completely became a shoulder in the Internet TV industry. Fortunately, Xiaomi is not the owner who has never seen the world, so Xiaomi TV began to seize the living room economy with a rapid momentum, which is also a tough role

according to the financial report released by Xiaomi, the revenue growth of IOT and consumer products was the most prominent in the third quarter of 2018, which was mainly contributed by the sharp growth of smart TV sales, driving the business to grow by 89.8%; In addition, the number of users with more than five Xiaomi devices increased by 16.5% to 1.98 million

in fact, seriously speaking, Xiaomi is a "newcomer" in the TV industry. From 2013, it resolutely entered the TV market, and then to 2018, it showed a general increase in the turnover of cast pig iron. It took Xiaomi TV five years. I believe that such an amazing growth rate is definitely worthy of the vigilance of traditional color TV manufacturers

but what kind of position is Xiaomi? The unparalleled cost performance strategy is enough to detonate the market, which is also enough to become a great reason for consumers to buy Xiaomi TV. More importantly, as the TV panel market fell all the way in the second half of 2017, Xiaomi TV undoubtedly caught up with the good time. Xiaomi TV played a price war, which was completely free of concern

it is worth mentioning that with the opening of the production capacity of China's 10.5 generation panel factory in 2019, the price of 65 inch panels will bear the brunt, and let us constantly challenge ourselves. We will compress the price difference between 55 inch panels of the same type, making the manufacturers of various brands compete with more aggressive prices, which clearly gives Xiaomi a great opportunity

on the basis of gaining market share in 2018, Xiaomi TV has proposed to challenge the shipment volume of 10million units in 2019, and is committed to market share of more than 4.5% in terms of Jinan gold testing machine. Ambitious sword refers to 2019. Obviously, Xiaomi TV is going to make a big deal. Xiaomi is very cruel. It just doesn't know how to accept the competition from its peers and friends? This obviously deserves attention

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