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Xiaomi Ruby 2019 new start soon, share the recent evaluation after purchase in a certain East

on the technology of this small experimental machine utilization range, MI Ruby 15.6 inch metal thin notebook, also see many friends share, just plant grass, from the domestic point of view, it has been a while since I started, today I want to share my use views, appearance, performance, running points, heat dissipation, I hope it can help friends who need it later choose reference and comparison

appearance: I feel that the appearance and workmanship of this notebook are similar to Apple's, with high appearance value and good hand feeling. The appearance is really suitable. There is no exaggerated appearance of the game book, and there is a huge logo. Even Xiaomi's own logo is only on the back, low-key. It is suitable for friends who have many business meetings but also want to use the game book due to the special flame retardant effect

performance heat dissipation is divided into two aspects: in the next ten years, the game uses dota2, street fighter 5, ghost cry DMC, and the small butter game of club I in 18 key development areas of polymer materials. It is very smooth, the heat dissipation control is very good, not too noisy, and it does not use storm mode (I don't want to use it all my life, it's too noisy, and I can't stand wearing headphones). I feel completely beyond my expectations! The running score is about 14W, and the actual pictures are attached as follows:

turn to the latest quotation and friend comment details of this model of a certain East "hope to provide reference for friends who need it

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