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Xiaomi 7 exposure: all are full screen + Xiaolong 845

last week, Qualcomm has officially released Xiaolong 845 as the standard configuration of next year's flagship. Its powerful performance and lower power consumption have attracted the attention of players. Of course, what we care more about is that those models will be equipped with this God U. Notch impact strength>12 kj/m2

as Xiaolong 845 generation factory, there is almost no suspense that Samsung S9 will carry this processor, and Xiaomi should be the first to launch it in China. After all, Lei Jun also attended the Xiaolong 845 American press conference before, and introduced Xiaomi to you on stage. In a private interview, he admitted that Xiaomi 7 will carry this processor

now, the latest disclosure given by a friend says that Xiaomi is still a big and small screen dual computer strategy in the planning of mi7, and the biggest problem that Xiaomi 6 didn't see the plus version last year is the extreme shortage of Xiaolong 835

it is said that the dual screen version of Xiaomi 7 will include two screen versions of 5.65 inches and 6.01 inches. The two archives of Jinan assaying equipment and instruments will adopt an 18:9 comprehensive screen design. The battery capacity of the small screen version is expected to be 3200mah, while the battery capacity of the large screen version is expected to be 3500mah. Both of them will use the design, synthesis and production process research frame design of the main re type energetic materials in double glass + metal, supporting wireless charging and other functions

it is worth mentioning that when hungry, Xiaomi 7 and Xiaomi 7 plus will also be equipped with Xiaolong 845 processor. The memory is 6GB, and the rear dual camera will also be consistent. The scheme is said to be a combination of 12million pixels + 20million pixels (imx380 + imx350 sensor), in which AI technology will be introduced into the camera function

if the production capacity of Xiaolong 845 is awesome, it should not be a big problem for Xiaomi 7 and Xiaomi 7 plus to be sold at the same time. As for the price you are concerned about, it is said that they are from 2699 yuan and 2999 yuan respectively. Can you accept the official release in March next year

source: fast technology

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