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Xiaomi 8se comprehensive screen use experience evaluation

started this Xiaomi 8se comprehensive screen in a certain Dongshang, mainly looking at the evaluation and comments of various gods. The one behind the grass, which uses two pairs of experimental plates (also known as the experimental platform), has high requirements for the manufacturing process for months. Talk about your own views on this type of use, for the choice and reference of friends who need it later: it is very smooth, very fast, and the heat control is also very good, Only when playing games, it will heat up. Its appearance is very beautiful and its workmanship is relatively exquisite. White is not easy to get fingerprints, and black is more serious to get fingerprints. The main dissatisfaction is that there is no small window mode, and the screen still feels large. One hand operation is uncomfortable. Extremely satisfied overall

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configuration: Xiaomi 8se adopts the world's first Xiaolong 710 quasi flagship processor, takes the lead in carrying Xiaolong 710, which is the same 10nm process as Xiaolong 845, and adopts an 8-core architecture, which not only makes great progress in performance, graphics processing ability AI ability has also been improved by breakthroughs. Optimized for all kinds of large-scale games, the picture is smoother, the power consumption is lower, and the heat is less

advantages and disadvantages evaluation:


the picture texture is very good, and it supports infrared remote control. It is very practical and the price is the fastest. Battery OK


acceptable heating range. After eating a round of chicken, the whole picture is set to the highest setting, and the frame rate occasionally drops, but it is acceptable

summary: Xiaomi 8se is really good, especially in terms of appearance design, the back thief is good-looking. I bought a blue version, and the mirror is very good-looking. The rear dual camera is very clear, with AI performance, the camera is more playable, and the front 20million self timer is more beautiful. Xiaolong 710 has good performance. It doesn't need cards to play games. It supports fast charging and is fast. The screen uses Samsung's screen, and the graininess is almost invisible. The texture of the picture is very good, and it supports infrared remote control, which is very practical

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