The cost support advantage of the hottest ethylene

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The cost support advantage of ethylene and plastics weakened

yesterday, the main plastic contract 1401 of Dalian Commodity Exchange stopped falling and stabilized after falling below the 20 day average in the morning. The price fluctuated all the way up, rising to 10775 yuan/ton, up 110 yuan/ton throughout the day, or 1.03%, to close at 10760 yuan/ton, with a trading volume of 737000 hands and a position of 335000 hands

overnight, US crude oil continued to fall and fell below the 20 day moving average, down $1.47/barrel, or 1.41%. The short-term moving average crossed the medium-term moving average, and the price may face further decline. The market price of ethylene monomer is stable, with CIF in northwest Europe closing at USD/ton, CFR in Southeast Asia closing at USD/ton, and CFR in Northeast Asia closing at USD/ton. The decline of crude oil may drive the price of ethylene lower

the ex factory price of petrochemical LLDPE remained stable, with only some price increases in some regions. Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 was priced at 11150 yuan/ton, Maoming Petrochemical 7042 was priced at 11100 yuan/ton, Qilu Petrochemical 7042 was priced at 11100 yuan/ton, and Qilu Petrochemical 7042 was priced at 11000 yuan/ton. The connecting part between the piston rod and the swing rod was not flexible: the price of the two connecting parts was adjusted to 11100 yuan/ton, Yangzi Petrochemical 7042 was priced at 11100 yuan/ton, and Fujian United 7042 was priced up by 50 yuan/ton to 11100 yuan/ton, PetroChina East China 7042 is priced at 10900 yuan/ton. The spot market trading is light, and the confidence of market merchants is good, but the overall impact of downstream inquiries on the US wood pulp tax increase is generally controllable, and the demand is still weak. The China plastics trading index fell 1.31 to 835.05

crude oil prices continue to fall, weakening the cost support advantage of ethylene and plastics. However, due to the relatively strong ex factory price of domestic petrochemical LLDPE, the relatively balanced production and sales of petrochemical, the relatively optimistic market sentiment, and the relatively strong spot price of plastics, the recent 09 contract has continued to strengthen, and the 01 contract has risen. Today, plastics rose more than 100 points under the boost of macro news, and the price has returned to above 10700, but considering that the rise of 01 contract is relatively passive, And it is not as strong as the 09 contract. It is not recommended that the 01 contract catch up at a high level

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