The countdown to the 12th China air show is in ful

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Air show Camping: the countdown to the 12th China air show is in full swing

original title: air show Camping: the countdown to the 12th China air show is in full swing...

with the strong support of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, when the countdown to the air show was 19 days and all preparations entered the final sprint stage, A total of 26 media and nearly 50 people from the building materials testing laboratories rushed to the air show center to carry out camp exploration activities and feel the increasingly strong air show atmosphere in advance

the indoor exhibition area increased by 22%

Zhou zuoder, director of Zhuhai Convention and Exhibition Bureau and chairman of Zhuhai air show company, said that this air show has made a major breakthrough in the exhibition. A number of "high, precision and cutting-edge" exhibits representing the world's advanced level are expected to appear collectively, and the structure of the exhibits has achieved the full coverage of "land, sea, air, space and electricity" for the first time. The booth area has made a big breakthrough compared with the previous session, with an indoor exhibition area of more than 100000 square meters, an increase of 22% over the previous 82000 square meters. "The scale growth is rare in the world, which also proves the attraction of the air show to exhibitors to a certain extent." It was revealed that the 10th hall was added to this air show; The outdoor exhibition area is nearly 400000 square meters; The number of domestic and foreign aircraft participating in the exhibition exceeds 1, and there are currently 40

during the on-site camp visit, it was found that this air show has two fixed pavilions, the Aerospace Museum (Hall) and the China Weapons Museum (Hall 8), and two temporary pavilions, No. 9 and No. 10. The Aerospace Museum is the largest indoor exhibition hall, with an exhibition area of about 66000 square meters. Civil aviation of China, aviation industry, COMAC, aerospace science and technology, aerospace science and industry, electronic science and technology, China aerospace development, and electronic information are distributed in hall 4, hall 1, hall 3, hall 7, and hall 2 of the exhibition hall. The exhibition area of hall 8 - China Weapons museum is about 12000 square meters, mainly displaying the latest exhibits and technologies such as tanks, armored vehicles and guns brought by the weapons industry and weapons equipment

At that time, there will be nearly 20 military and civilian integration enterprises gathered here, such as grand blasting, Narida, Yunzhou intelligence, Huaxun ark, Hagrid communication, etc., to mainly display sophisticated exhibits such as radar, launch vehicle, missile, military and civilian unmanned craft, digital combat simulation system, aviation and matching equipment, UAV and UAV defense system. The No. 10 temporary hall is mainly the UAV exhibition area

several organizers have moved in and arranged the exhibition in advance.

it is reported that the total area of tents for this air show is about 75000 square meters, nearly double that of the previous one. Up to now, we have completed the construction of No. 9 temporary hall, No. 10 temporary hall, four restaurants a/b/c/d, gate 1 and gate 5 inspection hall, laboratory machine calibration end certification hall, c/d VIP room, dynamic demonstration area personnel rest canopy and battery car canopy, etc. Anhui Lishi Power Technology Co., Ltd. has been approved by Anhui Industrial Design Center; Four new invention patents are added, and it is planned to complete all the construction work before November 3

at present, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the aviation industry, COMAC, aerospace science and technology, aerospace science and industry, China Weapons, China ordnance, China aerospace development, China Electronics Technology, China Electronics and other sponsors have entered the Aerospace Museum and the weapons Museum in advance to carry out the exhibition booth arrangement and construction. On October 26, the exhibition area began to enter the stage of comprehensive exhibition arrangement and construction. It is expected to complete all the exhibition arrangement work before noon on November 5, and start cleaning and construction in the afternoon Carpet laying and explosion suppression inspection, and then closed for the opening of the next day

in addition, the dynamic demonstration area of ground equipment, one of the "highlights" of this air show, has also been "expanded", with an area of nearly 110000 square meters. At present, the demonstration area has been completed and accepted for use on October 16. It was seen at the scene that the marking of parking spaces in the inner parking lot of the air show center was coming to an end, and the leveling of the peripheral parking lot and the hardening of the access roads had been completed; The existing fixed exhibition hall facilities, conference facilities, water and electricity facilities, communication facilities, broadcasting facilities, fire-fighting facilities, guidance facilities, etc. of the air show center have been overhauled. At the same time, this air show has also beautified and optimized the environment of the exhibition area. Seeing the green grass and flowers blooming in the air show center, it is welcoming guests at home and abroad with a new look

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