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Since the beginning of this year, the upper, middle and lower reaches of the entire LED industry have been shrouded in the sound of "rising prices", and each enterprise is self digesting the rising costs of materials and other materials in its own way. Rising prices is really the last move

Guoxing optoelectronics, one of the domestic LED packaging giants, also issued a document yesterday saying, "we are forced to raise prices, but it is urgent." And claimed that this price increase is an inevitable choice

on September 1 this year, Guoxing optoelectronics has made its first price increase decision this year: the price of the company's display devices will be increased by 10%

according to Gao Zhigong led, the products in the LED industry chain that can increase prices choose to increase prices, including raw materials such as upstream chips, brackets, light beads, chips, packaging materials, aluminum substrates, etc. Although the packaging enterprises in the middle reaches have limited demand for raw materials, their influence can not be underestimated

according to the relevant person in charge of Guoxing optoelectronics, "although we have established strategic partnerships with suppliers, the price of raw materials has also reached the highest level of the year, and the costs of independent research and development, equipment maintenance, manual manufacturing and other costs of the company are also rising."

in order to ensure product quality, Guoxing optoelectronics decided that the price of all Guoxing white LED products will be increased by% from December 1

yesterday, high tech led launched a new round of price adjustment letters from various packaging enterprises (Hongli Zhihui, smeade, Jinke electronics, zhaochi energy-saving lighting, etc.). Hongli Zhihui also said that the price of extruded carbon fiber composite ink, which will form part of the rocket nozzle, will be increased by 5%-15%

Wang Gaoyang, deputy general manager of Hongli Zhihui, said on the price rise, "For the benign development of the enterprise, a reasonable profit space is a necessary condition. After the price rise, we mainly maintain it through two ways: first, internal digestion, and strengthen the output ratio by constantly improving the technical level and efficiency of the process, that is, under the premise of using the same proportion of materials, there will be more products that meet the industry standards; second, external assistance."

Wang Gaoyang also gave his own explanation on how to ensure continuous orders in the next step. "It mainly depends on three parts: first, ensuring product quality; second, controlling quality in the material link; third, corresponding to the pursuit of quality by the customer groups of downstream lighting enterprises."

in mid November this year, at the 2017 industry "new" opportunity and the 10th anniversary Thanksgiving celebration of high tech held by the Institute of high tech industry, peixiaoming, CTO of Ruifeng optoelectronics, talked about the "price rise phenomenon" in the round table dialogue session. From the perspective of the upstream link of packaging, it is mainly the price rise of products related to chips and scaffolds. For our LED packaging enterprises, we don't want to reduce the price any more, and the price rise may bring some operating income differences, It can only be digested through internal cost control

however, price increase is undoubtedly the last move that many enterprises can take

the relevant person in charge of Liyang shares said, "recently, we learned that after the price adjustment of various packaging enterprises, we agree very much. Now at this time node, everyone is under great pressure. In order to ensure the vested interests of customers, enterprises choose not to adjust prices easily, but now it has reached the key point. If the price of raw materials continues to rise, we will also make relevant price adjustments next month."

so what are the factors behind this price rise? We can't help but throw out this difficult problem that many veterans who have worked in the LED industry for decades can't understand, and we need led people to solve it together

insiders admitted that in fact, the price rise is far from just in the LED industry. Other bulk commodities are rising across the board. As far as packaging materials are concerned, the price is increased by 50%

it is known that 27. With two-level limit protection of program control and machinery, the insider revealed that the price of upstream chips is likely to have a new round of price rise

whether it is due to the rise of the US dollar exchange rate or the national macro policy regulation, it can be said that the price rise of basic bulk raw material resources is the most fundamental fuse

in a word, this continuous upward trend is inevitable, but the price adjustment should be analyzed in the context of supply side reform. From the perspective of the sustainable development of the entire LED industry, this covers many aspects, such as the benign development of the upstream raw material market, the continuous improvement of technology and independent research and development of midstream packaging enterprises, and the improvement of process

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