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September 14: the annual meeting of the Council of the nuclear equipment appraisal and Evaluation Center was held at Shenzhen Daya Bay nuclear power base of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation on August 28. Director Huang, Sui and song attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Sui Yongbin, and more than 20 members of the Council and leaders of CGNPC attended the meeting. Director Huang made an important speech as a consultant

Yang Zhongqin, general manager of China Science and Technology China Design Institute, made a summary report on the work of the previous year and a report on the key work plan of the next year on behalf of the appraisal center

he said that since the establishment of the nuclear level equipment identification and process evaluation center in August 2007 and the formal establishment of the Council in February 2008, a lot of work has been done. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the work of the center, 32 professional and technical personnel have been allocated. These personnel have long-term engineering design and field work experience, and have a deep understanding of the contents and procedures of equipment identification and process evaluation. The related professional issues involved include the relevant technical support provided by the professionals of China Academy of nuclear power technology, ensuring the smooth implementation of various identification and evaluation work

due to the lack of a systematic and operable nuclear equipment identification specification and standard system in China, domestic manufacturers have no basis to rely on, which has affected the localization process of nuclear equipment to a certain extent. After the establishment of the center, under the leadership of the Council, the construction of nuclear equipment identification standards and evaluation specifications was the top priority, and a lot of energy was invested. So far, 28 nuclear grade equipment identification standards have been completed, of which 12 have been used by the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer's use of galaxy securities, the Research Report on the fuel cell industry has been published by double clicking on the curve board. The standard is mature. At the same time, three applicable technical specifications for process evaluation have been prepared, and five working procedures are being implemented. The prepared standards and specifications are based on RCC series standards, refer to American IEEE and ASME standards, and take full account of domestic industrial practice. They are highly systematic and operable. The introduction of these standards has effectively promoted the localization process of nuclear grade equipment, especially nuclear grade pump and valve equipment

the key work in the next year is to compile the test standards for important identification tests, which are devices developed from pal and gal devices, such as amplitude light test, loca test, valve thermal shock test of 886700 tons of lithium concentrate imported from China, valve high-energy pipeline rupture test, valve top loading test and valve impurity test

in less than 2 years, a high-level loca identification test bench has been built, which adopts mature man-machine interface, PLC and PID technology, and has the domestic leading level

after the conclusion of the Council, director Huang, Sui and Secretary General song attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of the National Energy Administration nuclear power plant nuclear equipment R & D and test center, accompanied by the leaders of the Guangdong Nuclear Power Group

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